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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A long time

It's been a really long time and I'm sorry.  There are no excuses! Haha.
I got onto the BA Graphic Design course at Falmouth University and loving it, I know it's only twenty minutes away from my parents but I've moved here and I practically feel like I've moved far away (except I have to keep going back home to visit my boyfriend.) Talking of him he got me the best birthday present ever; a graphics tablet.  I don't even use the track pad on my laptop anymore, it's so accurate and brilliant for doing any photoshop or illustrator work!
So here is my first attempt at creating a typeface.  I know its really rough and some of the characters really don't look like they belong but I'm super tired and have no idea how to use illustraor so, against the advice of the online tutorials, I have done a lot of this work in photoshop.  I should be having an introduction to Illustrator next week so hopefully I can start to expand my knowledge.

As you can probably tell it's called opinionated and it's biased on my hand writing when I'm trying to be opinionated and the ink running through the page.  I love the small details that show through when I vectorise it:

Shown in this image here.  The shapes are really organic and free and I love this contradiction of technology and nature. 

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